Going digital” is no longer an option, but an obligation to a consumer who is also digital.  New businesses are being developed online, therefore Ferroforma is providing a programme that responds to the main issues relating to the application of new technologies.

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Why visit the Ferroforma?

All the leading specialists in the sector will be there. You will have the chance to enter into potential partnerships and joint ventures with domestic and foreign partners. You will be able to gain first-hand knowledge of the situation and trends in the local, national and international markets. You can meet your competitors and extend your portfolio of customers/suppliers.

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Directory of Exhibitors 2017

This directory is designed to provide the necessary information to plan your visit in the best way possible. All companies listed here are exhibiting at the Ferroforma Fair to be held from 6 to 8 June 2017 in Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC). For more organization each exhibitor has the opportunity to showcase their products and services.

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Almost 350 exhibitors from 25 countries confirm their support for innovation at Ferroforma
Date: 20 Mar 2017
The 22nd edition of the event is to take place on 6-8 June 2017 345 firms from 25 countries have already confirmed their participation in Ferroforma, where they will be showing their most innovative products and services......

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75% of the space at Ferroforma has already been served
Date: 25 Jan 2017
A section at the convention will also be offered to discuss topics such as E-Commerce. With still four months left until the fair is held, 75% of the exhibition area at Ferroforma has already been reserved. The 22nd edition......

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ICEX recognises the international quality of “FERROFORMA”
Date: 10 Jan 2017
Four trade shows, Ferroforma, Subcontratación, World Maritime Week and Tendencias Creativas- organised by Bilbao Exhibition Centre and to be held in 2017- have recently been granted the “Fully International Award” by ICEX.......

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Featured Exhibitors


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Media partners


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