Prodecoder HU64 Mercedes-Benz
Prodecoder HU64 Mercedes-Benz - On show

The new Prodecoder HU64  works on door, ignition and trunk for Mercedes Benz!

HU64 lock has 10 spaces and 5 depths and Prodecoder works on all of the wafers simultaneously, allowing the operator to open fast and with no damage  any lock of the type HU64. Being one of the most difficult locks, Prodecoder provides great solution for every professional world wide. The decoder does not need a tester key

The tool does not need tester key! 

Models it works on:

Mercedes Benz A class
Mercedes Benz C class – from 1999 onward
Cl -1995 up to 1999 year
CLK – from 2002 onward
Mercedes Benz E class – from 1997 onward
M class
G class
S class – from 1999 onward
Commercial vehicles – SPRINTER  2007 up to 2011

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