Prodecoder Lockpick tools Promo Pack
Prodecoder Lockpick tools Promo Pack - On show

Prodecoder Lockpick Tools is a revolutionary locksmith series that covers different car models (door and ignition locks). With these professional tools the unlocking procedure becomes easy and really fast. Suitable for any weather conditions, Prodecoder does not require any specific skills or qualifications to pick any car lock successfully. These Lockpick Tools  work on a self- impressioning method and they had become the most advanced lock picking tool that you can find on the market today. The products are manufactured at our own production area in Sofia, Bulgaria. We ship safely with DHL Express and we offer PayPal Checkout. ¿
    •    Personalised video tutorials   
Now you can get 3 Prodecoders Lockpick Tools on a discounted price.
You can choose 3 tools you want to buy from the models listed below:
HU66 Gen 1 – VAG Group 1998 – 2004 on door and till 2014 on the ignition
HU66 Gen 2/6 –  VAG Group 2005 – 2015 (only on door locks)
HU92 – BMW E series
HU83 – Peugeot
HU100 – Opel & Chevrolet
HU100R -BMW F series
HU101 – Ford, Rover, Jaguar, Volvo
HU64 – Mercedes Benz
SIP22 – Fiat & Alfa Romeo
HY22 – Hyundai & Kia
HU84 – DAF trucks
VA2 will be also available soon!
    •    No skills required to learn and use the tool
    •    Fast opening (just few seconds)
    •    No damage on the lock
    •    You can read the code
    •    You can make a duplicate key
    •    These decoders can be used as many times on different cars – unlimited
    •    Suitable for any weather conditions
Each of these tools has its own specifications and requirements needed for the successful opening. They work on different car models from different years of manufacturing, but all models have the exact same components and a similar opening procedure. This makes the whole series very user friendly! If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected]¿

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