Industry Tools by Ferroforma: a benchmark event on industrial products and tools

With a list of registered visitors from both the distribution and big industry, and 70% of the floor space reserved in Bilbao Exhibition Centre

Professionals from renowned distribution companies and industrial users have already registered to visit Industry Tools by Ferroforma from 4 to 6 June at Bilbao Exhibition Centre. The exhibition is firmly positioning itself as a benchmark trade-show on industrial products and tools, with prominent names within the fields of superstores, industrial supplies, hardware, purchasing groups and cooperatives, as well as installation and construction companies, and manufacturers from large industries.

Highlighted in the first group are APECS, ASIDE-Spanish Association of Industrial Supplies, Bigmat, Bricogroup, Bricomart, CECOFERSA, COFEDAS, COFERDROZA, COMAFE, Ferrcash 2000, Ehlis, El Corte Inglés, EUROCRAFT, EUROCOLOR, GCI, Karpa Tools, Lams Europa, Leroy Merlin Spain, NCC, Synergas and UCES.

Companies in the second group are mainly framed within the aeronautics, food, automotive, capital goods, construction, railway, engineering, machine-tool and institutional sectors, and include Aernova, Aciturri Aeroengines, Nestlé Spain, Mercedes Benz Spain, Ford Spain, Babcock & Wilcox, Construcciones Balzola, Tamoin, Bombardier Transportation Spain, Idom, Sener, Ingeteam Power Technology and a large number of town councils.

A wide range of innovative products, international companies and a unique opportunity to analyse the market on the spot can all be found at Industry Tools by Ferroforma. Exhibiting firms from 22 countries have already reserved 70% of the available floor space, which will be shared between Halls 1 and 3 of the venue. To date, the most represented companies are those in hardware and industrial suppliers, tools, industrial cleaning and maintenance, locksmithing, fastenings and labour protection sectors. Just this week, plans for the exhibition have begun to be drawn up.

“More exhibitions, a better industry”

This is the +Industry platform claim, the name given to the seven events that will convert the Bilbao Exhibition Centre into the largest international meeting point for industrial manufacturing processes and suppliers from 4 to 6 June 2019.

Thus, Industry Tools by Ferroforma will coincide with Subcontratación, International Fair of Manufacturing Processes and Equipment; ADDIT3D, International Trade Show on Additive and 3D Manufacturing; Maintenance, International Industrial Maintenance Fair; Pumps & Valves, International Trade Show for Pump Systems, Valves and Equipment for Industrial Processes; BeDIGITAL, 4.0 Solutions and Tools for Industry; and FITMAQ, International Fair of Bargain & Used Machinery.

The joint holding of these seven exhibitions will provide participants with a large industrial space where they can make direct contact with other companies of interest as potential clients.

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