You can send your data in advance by filling in the inscription form on-line. The cost of your professional badge will be 15€ to pay at the accreditation desk where you will get your badge the day you come.

Please make sure you write correctly your email address, as we will send you a RECEIPT by EMAIL in order to obtain your badge.

You can still obtain your professional badge for free.  Please, contact any of the exhibiting firms to apply for it. See List of Exhibitors

Inscription valid only for professionals of the sector over 18. Not valid for students.

This badge will also give you free access to the exhibition area of: Addit3d, BeDigital, Subcontratación, Fitmaq, Maintenance, Pumps & Valves, and Polveri & Ecocoating.

This badge will not give you access to the Conferences. For more Conference information please click here.

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