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40069 ZOLA PREDOSA / BOLOGNA, (Italia)
Telefonoa: 390516167998


Since 1966 ARSER manufactures socket set screws to distributors and OEMs operating in several sectors like general mechanics to windows and doors accessories, electronics, agricultural mechanics, automotive and others. Manufacturing process is 100% executed in the facility in Zola Predosa – Bologna – Italy: a plant of 10.000sqm of which 2.000smq warehouse and 8.000smq dedicated to production. Key factors of success are 40 special machines with unique technology, entirely developed in ARSER, and in-house heat treatment lines with capability to manage from M2 to M20 in a wide range of lengths. The know-how acquired in so many years of specific experience enables ARSER to be able to satisfy requests for special items: today non standard parts represent over 70% of production output, in many different configurations of special sockets, special points, special tolerances and special customer requirements. Socket set screws are manufactured not only in traditional materials like 45H and stainless steel A2 but also in stainless steel A4, aluminum and brass as well as in special steel hardness of tempered steel. A supply chain of qualified sub-contractors, carefully selected for surface treatments, allows ARSER to supply customers with coated parts for specific needs such as protection to corrosion, locking/sealing, braking, decorative and finishing requirements.

In addition to socket set screws, ARSER manufactures high quality hexagonal keys and stud bolts.

ARSER’s customers can count on a significant stock of standard parts as well as on a technical partner for development of special parts.

ARSER can manage different types of logistics services such as customized labelling, special packaging and different options of stock management.

Strong focus on quality has brought the Company to reach IATF certification so today ARSER manages relevant supplies automotive articles with highest levels of quality documentation, including specific customer requirements for special certificates. Relevant investments have been made on quality equipment and tools as well as on training of personnel to increase knowledge and awareness that quality is a strategic factor of success now and in the future. Full traceability of production batches, SPC system, accurate control plans and highly qualified machines operators enable to reach the highest reliability products in quality level that one of ARSER’s most estimated and longstanding customer has defined as ‘second to none’.


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