Prodecoder Automatic FIAM | EZCURRA
Prodecoder Automatic FIAM | EZCURRA - Azokan

Prodecoder Automatic for Fiam and Ezcurra has 6x 6 pins and can perform on Fiam f39, Fiam f40 and Ezcurra Double Bit Locks. Prodecoder Automatic for Fiam and Ezcurra works on self impressioning method of opening- a non-destructive, covert method of creating a working key for a lock without picking or disassembly. Extremely easy to work with, the tool overcome locks that are considered high class and are being mounted on armored doors all around the world. No matter how the lock is oriented, you can unlock and decode as many times as you need to.

  • Fiam F39 ANTIPICK
  • Fiam F39 non antipick 5 plates / gorges
  • Models Fiam F40 non atipick.
  • Locks Fiam f 40 with antipick or antideco systems.
  • Ezcurra double bit locks

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